twisp municipal airport, methow valley airports


  • Airport identifier: 2S0
  • Elevation: 1601'
  • Runway length: 2701'
  • Traffic pattern: 2600'
  • CTAF 122.9
  • More information at:
  • Courtesy car available

Twisp Airport Fly-in and Pancake Breakfast.

This, overall, was the best fly-in and Pancake Breakfast we have ever had. I Know I said the same thing last year, but this year it really was THE BEST EVER! We had fly-in campers, more airplanes flew in, more awsome cars, and we sold more pancakes, ham, and eggs than anytime in the past. It is really difficult to plan precisely because so many factors help determine how many hungry people show up for the breakfast. We had to make several emergency trips to replentish supplies so no one would go away hungry.

I won't even try and mention names, but a big thanks to all those that worked hard to make the event happen! There were also those outside the airport community that helped with the event. Thanks to Dwaine Hutson, of Napa Autoparts for helping round up the fine cars that showed up for the event.

Also there were more planes flown in than previously. One plane flew all the way from San Diego! Mike Port flew his beautiful Stearman and also gave rides to a lucky few. Bob Babler arrived from Electric City Airport with his spectacular RV-7. He gave several demonstrations with his smoke system on MAX! On departure we were treated to a high speed fly-by with lots of smoke. Thanks Bob! Several very nice homebuilt RVs were on hand. John O'Keefe gave an impressive demonstration of his homebuilt, very manuverable one-man helicopter. It is powered by a small turbine engine, which is unique for hand crafted aircraft.