Gliders at the Twisp Airport?

Yes indeed! The members of the Evergreen Soaring Club have discovered Twisp and the excellent flying conditions that exist in and around the Methow Valley. The Labor Day weekend was busy at the Twisp Airport with beautiful sail planes being towed aloft and coming back to land on the grass next to the main runway. Mike Port towing the glider aloft with his Piper Super Cub. The interesting photo was taken by a camera mounted on the planes tail. Some of the fliers made it up to 15,000' for a flight that lasted 6 hours! Wow, that's heaven for a glider pilot!

Say, remember the old Butler building that we installed at the airport and had big plans for? And never followed through? Well, the soaring club got inspired an have been fixing it up as their local flight-ops building. So far they have installed doors and two windows. We are watching to see how far they go with this project. Standby for pictures.

We found the grass on the north side of the airport to be the perfect place to display airplanes and cars. We had a number of outstanding cars last year and for the coming event we expect to see even more. So if you have a beautiful car or plane be sure and have it at the Twisp airport on July 4th and 5th.

Do you know of the big snow blower that is essential to keeping our airport open during the winter? Well, it needs some work. Fred Wert saw the need and donated $100 to help with repairs to the snow blower. Not to be out-done, Don Owens and Mike Real also contributed $100 to go toward snow-blower repair. Anyone else want to get on that list?