Ever feel the need for a really good cup of coffee? BLUE STAR COFFEE is the answer!

Blue Star Coffee Roasters is located just a short walk from the Twisp Airport. Exit the airport at the south exit, turn right on "Airport Road" and walk about a quarter mile. Blue Star is #3 Airport Road - right at the intersection of Airport Road and hwy. 20. For more information go to:   Blue Star

Methow Valley News

This is the place to go when you want to know EVERYTHING that is going on in the Methow Valley. The Methow Valley News has it all, and all in one place. They are on line now - for free, yet! You can't be that. Not only doe the local paper tell you what has happened; it also tells you some of the significant events that are going to happen. Planning a trip to Twisp? Then check out the news: Methow Valley News

Another good place to look when you are planning a trip to Twisp or the Methow Valley is the local Chamber of Commerce web site:  Twisp Info